Hello there, I'm Michal!

🧠 I like to keep myself organised, simply clever, and open. And I'm keen on people, as well as things and software that manifest such qualities, too.

🎓 I love learning and expanding my horizons, be it coding or fields like mathematics, physics, sociology, politics, history, and especially education.

🌍 I'm currently based back in my hometown of Brno, Czech Republic but I lived in London, UK for a few years and travelled around the globe (quite literally in 2019).

In the digital world

📊 I'm an enthusiast into anything data analytics, in particular topics of modern data stack, data visualisation, and data literacy; all designed to empower individuals and organisations alike.

💜 Most of my day is spent being purple as an analytics engineering lead at Slido, making sure our colleagues have access to clean data and feel confident using it to make decisions.

🤗 If the time allows, I love sharing what I know through creating, organising, speaking, and teaching.

Away from laptop

🌲 Walking in nature (alone, with my wife, or our dog; anywhere in the world)

📚 Reading good stories (mostly biographies; could be almost any book though)

🏸 Playing racquet sports (squash, badminton, table tennis; all will do)