Be able to explain what you do to your granny

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I automate things so that people don't have to keep track of literally thousands of spreadsheets in order to measure business metrics

I'm on a team of people who makes buildings out of Legos.

  • There are the gatherers, who gather Legos from the world (store, garage sales) and store them in the box. Maybe, they even create their own Legos sometimes.
  • Then, we have the builders. They of course create beautiful, impactful worlds out of Legos.
  • My job is to take the Legos from the box and assemble them into components or parts. That way, the builders can use the parts we build instead of dealing with the chaos or complexity of the box.
  • The parts we assemble should empower the builders to focus on creating a world more efficiently and without worrying as much about structural integrity.
  • A fun part of my job is deciding what those parts will be, which involves creativity and subjectivity. We have to think about things like: what might the builders build in the future? How can we build parts that efficiently serve multiple purposes today? All of this involves cooperation and collaboration with both the gatherers and the builders.