Beware data bullshit

  • data-literacy
  • idea
  • winter
  • Trying to teach the habit of digging deeper
  • Bullshit = when you create non-sense bc you don't care
  • Calling bullshit = even on lies, injustice
  • Clean the information bullshit around us, similarly to physical environment
  • We all create bullshit = we babble to look credible > be bullshit-neutral
  • Metaphor: It often happens when you interpret or create viz, since you think you understand
  • They critise something similar to Tufte's chartjunk
  • You don't need to understand the black box, algorithm, to call bullshit – just understand what is getting in (source) and out (isn't it a bit too surprised)
  • Publication bias – you only publish interesting and expected results – false positives. Desk-drawer effect.
  • How to call bullshit? Make it ad absurdum. Attack the argument, not people. Make a dialogue. Give people benefit of the doubt.
  • Self-bullshit is the worst!