Educate about data in a fun, relevant, and contextual way

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  • "Why do I need to learn this?" Starting with why can give employees the motivation they need on their upskilling or reskilling journeys. Use case studies and success stories relevant to employees by role to show them the benefits of data skills, such as better judgement and decision making. Give them examples of what they can do with data and how analytics can improve outcomes. When employees see what's possible with analytics, they'll be more driven to learn.
  • The answer to "who is permissioned to data?" should be everyone.
  • It's important that learning doesn't only focus on technical skills, but also data-driven problem solving enabling employees to ask the right questions, such as where and how data is acquired, are sources reliable, what data supports and/or contradicts the business case, which data is relevant and valid, etc.
  • Find ways to make learning more fun and interesting like through games, success stories, quizzes, competitions, etc.
  • As your team embarks on its journey to analytics growth, never underestimate the value and sheer power of establishing and engaging a diverse and inclusive culture.