Educate children about data in primary school

  • data-literacy
  • idea
  • winter
  • Understanding how it is taught. Interview with teachers. There is no formal plan, more used as a tool to explain other complex topics.
  • Use a lot of pictograms. Something you can directly count, tangible objects.
  • It's important to explain that there different possibilities how to represent the same data. They show them the journey from pictograms to bar charts
  • Pair of students. Just explore the intrractive tool.
  • Teachers were a bit hesitant, bc they were afraid that they won't be vebral, which is a key.
  • That means you can have different outcomes with the same app.
  • It's on Github, web-based.
  • The whole idea is that you can teach by going from familiar things to more complex and let people see the connection.