Educate children about data in secondary school, like in the LA School District

  • data-literacy
  • idea
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  • They think that if they live with it, they understand it.
  • Data fluency
  • Easiest thing is to put it on the test
  • Great mismatch between high school teachers (all maths) and college (core skills, rest we can teach): arithmetics (fractions), data analysis and critical thinking (ratios, …), heart of algebra (linear equation).
  • New SAT: more data in verbal parts, more data in maths.
  • Freakonomics Survey: Calculus: 2% use daily, Geometry: 4% daily, 70% Excel, 75% dataviz.
  • 65% saying they'd wish to know how to analyze data to get hidden insights, 60% dataviz and make an argument with data.
  • Data instead Algebra II
  • UCLA & LA School District: Intro to Data Science
  • They put data science into diff exams and diff subjects, instead of elective course
  • Course that is designed to teach teachers and students at the same time
  • Freakonomics/math