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  • Dataset Search
    • Dataset Search is a search engine for data sets. Using a simple keyword search, users can discover data sets hosted in thousands of repositories across the web.
  • UK's Office for National Statistics
    • UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics and its recognised national statistical institute; responsible for collecting and publishing statistics related to the economy, population and society at national, regional and local levels.
  • London Datastore
    • The London Datastore is a free and open data-sharing portal  where anyone can access data relating to the capital.
  • Kaggle
    • Explore, analyze, and share quality data.
  • Rejustify
    • The first AI-enhanced ETL tool; find and merge data from multiple sources, and prepare your data set in few clicks.
  • Index of Open Data
    • Spreadsheet with various links to open data, curated by Data4Change.



  • Dolt
    • Dolt is a SQL database that you can fork, clone, branch, merge, push and pull just like a git repository.
  • HMA1
    • If nothing else works, just generate your own datasets using SDV