Implement a data discovery platform

  • data-business
  • idea
  • spring

Questions we ask in the data discovery process

  • Where can I find data about…?
  • What is the data about?
  • Who can I ask for access?
  • How is the data created? Can I trust it?
  • How should I use the data?
  • How frequently does the data refresh?

Features to find, understand, and use data

  • Finding:
    • Allow users to search
    • Help users find data via recommendations
    • Understanding*:
      • Display the data schema
      • Provide preview of the data, incl. pre-computed column-level statistics
      • Provide data lineage (upstream)
  • Using:
    • Show people associated with the table
    • Provide column usage statistic
    • Providing a list of most commonly joined tables
    • Provide recent queries
    • Provide data lineage (downstream)
    • Show how frequently it’s updated, even via jobs