Mind that dataviz is not easy for non-experts, often just emotions stick

  • data-vis
  • idea
  • winter
  • Data Stories: Seeing data
  • We should open up dataviz for non-experts
  • Subject, source/location (where they read it), opinion, time, confidence (language skills, statistics, computer skills, critical thinking), emotions (the above-mentioned context-based)
  • People don't understand new, more complex chart types, but if they have enough time, they do. Some people just don't want to invest time. But some art background helped.
  • Even if they want and find out, they quite lack the confidence. (Fear of numbers. How they believe their visual perception.)
  • Dataviz is a puzzle to solve.
  • The real challenge is diversity.
  • Shifting mindset: firstly read the instructions, then dive into it. We should teach that.
  • "So-what" is an important questions. Not just the wow moment.
  • You don't remember the number, but you remember the emotion/message.