Promote dataviz in the non-profit sector

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  • Non-profits in the social service sector often have a wealth of data at their fingertips, including data tied directly to the services they provide (aka program-level data), financial accounting data, and donor data.
  • However, non-profit staff, who often juggle multiple duties and responsibilities on the job, may not have the knowledge or capacity to create data visualizations.
  1. Start with buy-in
    • Esp. from leadership
  2. Power of data literacy
    • We have to ensure we are communicating data in a way that our audience can see and hear it.
  3. Opportunities for action
    • The best synergies occur when blending data, narrative, and visuals.
  4. Learning as a journey
    • The cohort met over four months (nine, 90-minute sessions) to examine, explore, and apply principles of data storytelling and data visualization. Each session included a presentation, discussion, and application through small group activities on research, best practices, and trends in data visualization. Between sessions, participants would review either an article, webinar recording, or YouTube clip specific to the topic of the week. They would share reflections on a Microsoft Teams channel.