Think about whether the future is open source

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Building on open-source

Advantage over Software

Simply put, open source is a superior approach at building and distributing software because it provides important guaranties around how software can be discovered, tried, operated, collaborated on and packaged.

If I could only use a single word to describe why the time is right for organizations to adopt open source BI, the word would be freedom. Flowing from the principle of freedom comes a few more concrete superpowers for an organization:

  • the power to customize, extend and integrate
  • the power of the community
  • avoid vendor lock-in

Advantage for Individuals

  • Open-source approach equals open-minded approach.
  • Locking in within a certain ecosystem also locks our mind into solving problems in a particular way. When we reach the limit of the tools at hand, we are pushed to think that we reached the overall limit.
  • In open-source, the possibilities are limitless – which can be daring at times –, hence there is quite probably a solution to almost every problem we encounter.
  • Given that open-source is not limited to one language, we tend to learn more over time when hitting a wall with one.
  • As we often connect multiple small pieces of puzzle together on local first, we learn to use it as a tool and customise it to fit our needs.

Contributing open-source


  • I’m learning to solve interesting problems associated with larger and more complex codebases
  • I’m building relationships with interesting people across the world
  • Satisfaction from building tools that improve others’ working lives
  • Unique elements to my career story
  • Recognition in the data community has proved extremely beneficial for professional networking and seeking advice.

Lessons Learned

  1. You don’t need to understand all the code
  2. Contributing to a new codebase just is hard, but a good workflow will make life easier
  3. Contribute when you have a reason to.


  • OSS Insight – Deep insight into developers and repos on GitHub about stars, pull requests, issues, pushes, comments, reviews..