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Mix of notes

Building context per partes (big on the top or three separate vizes side by side) Big numbers of the top + consise headers, overview chart on the top + limited colours Tableau Blog Reach out to Nadieh

Big range – log Heatmap for events

J_olsufka Spotify Insights on Tableau Public

Dashboard of Dashboards sparklines – adding last and first point label Click icon and small desc Any colour for highlight? Just dual axis, transparency and choose colour Filter and highlight at the same time: parameter, highlight - region colour, true/false + filter - if all then 1=1 else region = region Info in the footer: info + data as of


Scatter plot of weeks' sales and events, one by one UK events, difference instead of two lines

Check conferences on dataviz (Show Don't Tell Malofiej, Spain or rather International Infographics Summit, Society for News Design, OpenVis Conf, Eyeo)

Todd Lindeman, Laura Stanton, Washington Post In Graphics magazine Research and Development Lab in New York Times GapMinder Foundation

Dataviz Cech? > defo check Processing Eyeo Festival Jer Thorp

Smoothing in Tableau?

Japanese Statistics Day

How colours work together? Is there an order in colours? Learn to do this

Learning way more about the design?


  • Dashboards: Strategic, Tactical, Operational
    • different goals and level of detail

Sunday 30/09/2018, 10:37 AM

Thursday 27/09/2018, 08:18 AM

Wednesday 26/09/2018, 08:01 AM

  • Pentagon for vizes
  • Check the alignment

  • Go through links in the Data Tips
  • Make some sense to Data Tips
  • Share Visual Vocabulary
  • How to do the round chart?
  • Do a viz on my computer and phone activity

  • Split my Pintrest based on Nadieh

Tuesday 25/09/2018, 10:52 AM

  • Periscopic
  • Watch video from article on Visualising Data Well
  • Sum up in the end of a week – starred

Monday 24/09/2018, 11:52 AM

  • Inductive and deductive approach
  • Having a central question often helps, but could be just a broad topic
  • Visual variables: the size/position/colour
  • Everything need to be justifiable, reasoned, etc.
  • Gestalt laws
  • Trying different angles/designs, make it work BW
  • Colour Theory (podcast)
  • Standard approachs to different datasets
  • Array of metaphors: Visaulisation for Designers
  • Schneiderman's mantra
  • Know when to finish
  • Cognitive science
  • Colling Ware: lalala in Design
  • Analysing my own data from computer/phone or from APIs

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