Tips for Data Visualisations

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Tips for Data Visualisations

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General Tips

  • Albert Einstein: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
  • It depends whether operational overview or having a strong message
  • "It depends" idea – consider purpose, audience, chart, LoD
  • Using Tableau for data mining and storytelling
  • Design it the way it is natural for the user > "they are a king"
  • Don't make it too cluttered > enough space around vizes > "data-ink ratio"
  • Only data should be seen
  • Always make sure the data are correct before sending them out
  • Use colour for the context > strap it and build back
  • making numbers human through scaling and comparisons
  • visuals should be rewarding = you should learn something
  • visuals should be simple to understand and pleasing
  • Headline should be a story, subheadline could a description
  • Uncover users' needs: Situation Problem Implication Need > tell me what I don't know


../../assets/files/ttt-may-18- saving-space.twbx Tiny Tableau Talk May 2018 - Saving space in dashb.twbx
../../assets/files/london-cycle-hire-usage.twbx London Cycle Hire Usage (MakeoverMonday W26).twbx
  • How to do a donut chart + comparison of two bar charts by "needle"?
![../../assets/files//australian-wage-gap.twbx Australian Wage Gap.twbx]]
  • How to create "density"?
    • Just put there large circles and give small opacity.
  • Cool way to do a zig zag chart.
  • Need to sort?
    • Use parameter to choose the correct dimension and then put it into the table, sort A-Z, but hide it.
  • Photos to Rows
    • Create own palette with matching names and then use it


../../assets/files/viz-tips.pdf Viz Tips.pdf

data-viz-links.pdf Data Viz Links.pdf

  • Could be bought as a poster here

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