Check these before publishing

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  • checklist
  • summer
  • Clear title – Does your viz have a clear title that draws the attention of your audience and sets the scene for the information presented?
  • Include sources – Have you included the data source(s) and your details (name, Twitter handle, etc.)
  • Remove clutter – Have you removed unnecessary ‘data ink’, such as gridlines, borders, shading, axis lines? This will typically result in a cleaner looking visualization that is more visually appealing and easier to read.
  • Check size – Does your dashboard have the appropriate size? Making it too large means it will display with scroll bars on various screens. Making it too small means it will be very hard for users to see and interact with information.
  • Add annotations – Have you added annotations with your insights and findings? These are not always required because sometimes the visualization communicates everything easily. The more complex the topic and dataset, the more I’d recommend to include explanations, small call outs, or annotate individual data points to guide your audience.
  • Format tooltips – Have you formatted your tooltips? Depending on the tool you use, this may not be necessary, but don’t neglect the design of your tooltips. They can be a great way to add an additional layer of information to your visualization when used effectively.
  • Check interactivity – Does your interactivity work? Have you tested the interactive elements of your visualization to make sure they result in the right behaviors? Be sure to test the interactivity after you publish your work as well.
  • Spell correctly – Have you checked spelling?
  • Check formatting – Check the basic formatting. Are the objects in the visualization aligned well?