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What is Makeover Monday?

Makeover Monday is your weekly learning and development appointment with yourself and hundreds of passionate data people. For free

For more information, check its official page or watch the video below.

What to do?

  • Go to
  • Check these to understand the dataCheck these to understand the data

    Identify the Challenges – Start by reading the article that we link to. Read about the topic. Write down keywords, definitions, acronyms, anything you can think of about the topic. Literally write it down on paper.
    Examine the Metadata – What are the data types? What’s the range of the data in each field and what do those mean? Is the data complete?
    Explore the Data – Build lots and lots of charts. Try to gain an understanding of the data. How much variety do the fields have? Is there ...
  • Go beyond the visualising and do a proper analysis. Read the article, be critical, find new insights, incorporate the these things into the story. Build your muslces as an analyst, not just as a designer. That's what you want to show through your portfolio.
  • Check these before publishingCheck these before publishing

    Clear title – Does your viz have a clear title that draws the attention of your audience and sets the scene for the information presented?
    Include sources – Have you included the data source(s) and your details (name, Twitter handle, etc.)
    Remove clutter – Have you removed unnecessary ‘data ink’, such as gridlines, borders, shading, axis lines? This will typically result in a cleaner looking visualization that is more visually appealing and easier to read.
    Check size – Does your dash...
  • Publish, add to blog
  • Send to Twitter with #makeovermonday (and #datafamfeedback)
  • Submit through blog
  • Check later for other ideas – others from Twitter, feedback on Twitter, and summary in blog, Andy's blog
  • Intercorporate feedback and send again